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The Mallard Farm


Location:        The farm is located five miles west of Hickory Ridge, Arkansas,

in Jackson County, and 60 miles West of Memphis Tennessee.

From Hickory Ridge go west on highway 42 to county road 147,

turn left on this road and go to the gate of property.


Acreage:         There are 700 acres of Farmland and 600.4 Cropland acres and 80

acres of timber. The farm  is leased through the end of 2007.


Bases:             The Rice Base is 371.5 acres with a direct yield of 3932 pounds

and a payment of $29,178 The Soybean base is 68.15 acres with

            a direct yield of 13 bushels and a direct payment of $331.00, and

            a Wheat base of 39.9 acres with a yield of 35 for a total direct

                         payment of $617.00 for a total payment of $30,126.00  


Improvements: One 40 foot by 80 foot shop/shed, 140,000 bushel grain complex,

three duck pits, numerous steel drain pipes and flood control structures.


Irrigation:      The farm has three irrigation wells and three permanent relift stations.

Numerous risers and underground pipe allow for the timely delivery

of water to the entire farm.


Soils:               The soils are all silt loam soils. The soils are pretty evenly allocated

to the farm and are in no particular order; Amagon, Crowley, Dexter,

Dundee, Forrestdale,  and Hilleman.  These are all highly productive soils.


Taxes:             Property Taxes are approximately $3.50 per acre according to county



Hunting:         The Mallard Farm in located in one of the best duck and goose hunting

areas in the state. All of the farm and the timber can be flooded for

waterfowl hunting and there are deer and small in the timbered areas.


Price:              The Mallard Farm is price at $2,430 per deeded acre or $1,700,000.00



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