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1666 Acres +/-


           Location:  The farm is located five miles Southeast of Hunter, Arkansas, 7 miles Northeast of Wheatley,  Arkansas and 60 miles West

                             of Memphis Tennessee. From the St Francis County and Woodruff County lines go east 3 miles on a gravel road, to the

                             headquarters of the farm.


           Acreage:  There are 2280 acres of Farmland and 1984.4 Cropland acres.


           Bases:      The Rice Base is 776.6 acres with a direct yield of 4209 pounds and a payment of $64,292. The Soybean base is 1192.5

                             acres with a direct yield of 32 bushels and a direct payment of $16,056 for a total direct payment of $81,354.  



                            There are nine electric wells, one power unit well and seven power unit relifts on the property. The farm has over three

                            and three quarter miles of underground pipe with many water control structures to facilitate tail water recovery. There

                            are two shops, one open storage building, seven grain bins of twenty thousand bushel capacity. The bins also have stir 

                            augers and large fans to help in drying of crops. This farm is unique in that if you start watering on the north end you can

                            use and reuse your water all across the farm thus saving in pumping cost. There are nine duck pits that lease for about

                            five thousand each per year.


           Soils:      The soils are all silt loam soils. The soils are pretty evenly allocated to the farm and are in no particular order; Calloway,

                          Crowley, Henry, Hilleman, and Zachary in St Francis county and in Woodruff county they are Calhoun, Grubbs, Hilleman,

                          and Tichnor. These are all highly productive soils. There is a slight roll, one to three percent on some of the farm but that

                          makes for productive use of poly pipe in watering row crops.


           Yields:  The rice yields on the farm the last three years have been in the 170 to 190 bushel range and the beans have been in the 47

                         to 55 bushel range.


           Taxes:  Property Taxes are approximately $3.50 per acre according to county records.


           Hunting: The Williamson Brothers farm in located in one of the best duck and goose hunting in the state. Lying only 1.5 miles south

                           of Bill Beyers Hunting Club and adjoining Extreme Waterfowl Hunts to the north. This property is at the confluence of three

                           creeks which make it a natural flyway for the birds.


           Price:     The Williamson brothers farm is price at $2,500 per deeded acre or $5,700,000.00


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