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Lubenow Farm and Hunting


---S O L D---

623 Acres
Cross County, Arkansas 
Asking Price: $1,168,750


The Lubenow Farm is located 1/2 mile north of highway 64 via County Road 451. It is 7 miles east of Wynne, Arkansas and 35 miles northwest of Memphis, Tennessee. The east boundary of the farm is County Road 451 and the West Boundary is the St Francis Ditch.


The Lubenow Farm has 623 acres of farmland and 502.8 acres of cropland.  The balance of land includes roads, ditches, and woods.






 Rice 93.8




 Wheat 153.8




 Soybeans 361.5





 Total Payment



The farm has an abundant supply of water with the water table running from 20 to 40 feet static level. Generally the wells in this area will pump from 2000 to 3000 gallons per minute, depending on the size of the well. If needed, water can be lifted out of the St Francis Ditch.

IMPROVEMENTS: The Lubenow Farm has 1 flood type well and 2 pivots. Forty (40) acres are precision leveled.
TOPOGRAPHY: The part of the farm east of the levee is slightly rolling while the part west of the levee is flat. 

The soils are approximately 90% Alligator Clay and 10% Earle Clay.  These are highly productive soils if they drain well and if irrigated.

OWNER WILL SPLIT SALE: Owner will divide cropland from hunting land.  There are approximately 108 acres of timbered hunting ground for duck, deer and small game with 515 acres of productive, tillable farmland.  The price the owner has established for the tillable acreage is $1850 per acre or a total of $952,750.  The owner is asking $2,000 per acre for the timbered hunting land for a total of $216,000. 
HUNTING:  The farm has excellent waterfowl.  Deer hunting and small game is found in the timbered part of the farm.
PRICE: The Lubenow farm is priced to sell at a total price of $1,168,750.

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