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Two Rivers Hunting Preserve

Located adjacent to the White River National Wildlife Refuge with 3 miles of frontage on the Refuge and the White River Corps of Engineers Levee, this incredibly rare offering of 1,914 acres is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The location near the confluence of the Mississippi River and famous Arkansas White River offers some of the best duck hunting in North America along the Mississippi and White river flyways. The development of numerous water structures, potholes, huge flashboard risers, numerous gated pipe drops, levees, drainage ditches and a good internal road network along with 3 irrigation wells, wildlife food plots on the protected side of the White River make for perfect control of water depth for over 1,000 acres of water, not to mention the high number of natural permanent water impoundments. The preserve has been planted to Black Walnut, Water Oak, Poplar and other varieties of trees and there is buckbrush for waterfowl and deer cover. The property is gated at several different locations.

The preserve boasts many deer stands in excellent condition along with a number of hunting blinds for waterfowl. One such standing blind is 40 feet long that will comfortably accommodate at least 10 hunters.

There are also a substantial number of acres of government programs that generates approximately $29,000 of annual income.

This sales presentation includes the income, cropland, property tax information, aerial photography, topography maps, property and ownership maps. We have also included a substantial number of pictures of this pristine wilderness.

For a more informative description, please call for a complete marketing brochure.
LOCATION:The Two Rivers Hunting Preserve is located in a prime hunting environment in Phillips County in eastern Arkansas. The Mississippi River lies 10 miles east of the Preserve and the White River is only 1/4 mile west. The property boasts the capacity to put water on or take water off at the command of the owner.

The rural location adds to the presence of abundant wildlife and enormous acreages of rice, corn, soybeans, and milo that provide endless food sources for the wildlife.

Memphis, Tennessee lies 95 miles to the Northeast with 3 Mississippi River bridges for highway access. Little Rock, Arkansas lies 125 miles to the Northwest. Birmingham, Alabama is 285 miles east of the property.
The Two Rivers Hunting Preserve lies in an area of famous and well known waterfowl and whitetail deer hunting clubs. Well known hunting clubs such as the Big Island recreation property is just south of Two Rivers. Willow Lake Hunting Club joins the north boundary of the Two Rivers Property. The Wells Hunting club is within a few miles to the south. There are also numerous great public fishing lakes within 10 miles of the Mississippi River. River chutes include Lake Mellwood, which is famous for slab Crappie fishing. There are also many well known chutes off the White River for great Crappie, Bream and Bass fishing. Indian Bay and Whiskey Chute are 2 of the more well known river chutes.

The White River National Wildlife Refuge is one of the largest refuges in the Mississippi River Delta, coming in at over 160,000 acres. The Refuge is well known for the strong genetics of the Whitetail deer population. Waterfowl use the timber for cover and roosting habitat. The ducks will typically move away from the Refuge in the early mornings to feed on the abundant delta crop residue and move back into the Refuge in the evenings for rest and cover.

IT MUST BE NOTED --- The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has initiated a a major expansion of the White River National Wildlife Refuge that will add over 125,000 acres to the Refuge. The Two Rivers Hunting Preserve is included within the intended purchase by the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service in cooperation with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. Funds for this major expansion have been appropriated and are currently available for the initial purchase of these properties. It is this Broker's understanding that purchase of properties on the south end of the Refuge will be attempted initially. Sales are voluntary only. This fact, in itself, will add additional investment security to the purchaser of the Two Rivers Hunting Preserve.

For more information regarding the White River National Wildlife Refuge and the proposed expansion, go to: www.fws.gov  You can also learn about habitat, hiking trails, hunting information, events, visitor center and other interesting facts.
ACREAGE: Sixty acres of property is irrigated and precision leveled cropland and 1,854 acres is developed hunting preserve.
PROPERTY AND TIMBER TAXES: Total property and timber taxes levied on the Preserve property in 2013 are $5,052.44.  Tax statements will be provided per request.

This is one of a kind property is being offered for $7,000,000 cash to the owners. There are much higher comparable sales in this region.

Hunting properties of this size, location, quality, water resources, soils and improvements are rarely available to the public. Values of these properties are ever increasing and will provide years of stress free enjoyment, fellowship, solitude and great hunting. Leave a legacy for your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, that in 25 years will provide for them a priceless resource.  This property is an incredible investment in the future, as well as, great recreation today.
Contact Dave Tyer at 501-588-1932 or Myron Hall, Owner, Myron Hall Land Co., Inc. at 501-922-8874.

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