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Hollybrook Plantation -- S O L D

LOCATION: The north tract of Hollybrook is located beginning at the Louisiana/Arkansas border along U.S. Highway 65. When you cross into Louisiana, the farm starts on both sides of the highway with the large majority of the farm lying west of Highway 65. There are 3 miles of U.S. Highway 65 frontage on the north tract of the farm. Louisiana Highway 585 runs the entire distance to the western boundary line of the farm on the north tract. Excellent internal roads, driving pads and county maintained roads provide farm access in all weather conditions.

The south tract of Hollybrook also lies along U.S. Highway 65, 1.5 miles south of Lake Providence, Louisiana. Highway 65 runs the length of the farm going south for 3 miles. Hollybrook lies on both sides of the highway. You will note the Hollybrook headquarters on the east side of the Highway, which is notable by the water tower spelling out the name Hollybrook. The headquarters of the Hollybrook plantation is NOT included in this sale.
ACREAGE: The deeded acreage is documented at 10,464 acres
The north tract is 5331 acres.
The south tract is 5133 acres.
USDA PROGRAM INFORMATION: According to the USDA-FSA documentation:
Wheat base is 49.6 acres -- yield of 47 bu/ac.
Corn base is 1493.10 acres -- yield of 134 bu/ac.
Soybean base is 1816.30 -- yield of 51 bu/ac.
Long grain rice base is 525.60 acres -- yield of 7474 lbs/ac.
Medium grain rice base is 10 acres -- yield of 4570 lbs/ac.
Generic program base is 4519.0 acres
There is a hunting lodge on the recreational property with incredible hunting amenities.
IRRIGATION: The Hollybrook Plantation is approximately 75% irrigated. According to the irrigation company (Chicot Irrigation) that services the Hollybrook Plantation, there are over 40 irrigation wells, relifts and submersible pumps. They also advise that there are over 65,000 feet of underground irrigation pipeline with strategically placed risers for irrigation purposes. Owners advise that many of the irrigation wells are interconnected with the underground irrigation pipeline in order to promote maximum irrigation to crops requiring irrigation.

There are 5 Valley center pivot systems in excellent condition on the South tract and 2 Valley center pivot systems on the North tract. The pivots on the South tract are 10 years old.  The 2 north tract pivots are relatively new with the norhtern most pivot only three years old.
SOILS: Mississippi River dirt known as Commerce Silt Loam and Bruin/Commerce Silt Loam has produced cotton yields up to 1700 lbs. per acre and covers a major portion of the Plantation.
HUNTING: The Plantation has 645 unprotected, deeded acres on the South Tract that comprises a Mississippi River recreation area for deer, duck, small game hunting and fishing with a diverse array of hunting amenities that are rarely available.
Property taxes for the Hollybrook Plantation are documented to be $35,957.46, however, Broker believes the headquarters are included in this number. The headquarters are NOT included in this sale.
PRICE: The Hollybrook Plantation is priced at $55,000,000. The price is firm and the Owners prefer cash.
NOTICE TO ALL BROKERS: A Buyer's Brokerage Agreement must be executed. To request an agreement please contact Aaron White at 501-276-0846 or Myron Hall at 501-922-8874.
Hollybrook Plantation is shown by appointment only and must be accompanied by Aaron White or Myron Hall per the prospective Buyer's Brokerage Agreement.

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