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Pumpkin Bend Hunting Club


Sold !!!!      SOLD!!!!       SOLD!!!!  


200 Acres
Woodruff County, Arkansas
Price: $270,000

White Land Company proudly presents the Pumpkin Bend Hunting Club to our clients.  Adjacent to Bayou DeView WMA, Cache River WMA, and White River WMA, this 200 acres of timber is located on the old Bayou DeView.  Straight Lake runs through the southwest corner of the property making it a "Duck Magnet" because of the water that is in the lake year round and the nearby WMA's.  The north part of the property is fed by two small creeks and keep an area of several acres in a permanent wetland.  This is also a natural duck attractant because of the smartweed, duck salad, and other natural feed that grows there.  There is a 68 acre green timber reservoir that can be pumped up, by a new well, in dry years to enhance the hunting.  The property also has great deer hunting.  Squirrel and other small game are abundant also.  As you can see by the maps the property is easily accessible and has an all weather road to the southeastern edge of the property.  There is also a clubhouse and one acre located about one mile north on State Highway 145 that goes with the property.  During duck season, hunts can be arranged for prospective buyers and are a great way to get to know the property.  No mineral rights go with the sale of this property.

This fine property is available for $1,350 per acre or a total of $270,000.00.

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