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Cross County Arkansas



Wixson Green Timber Hunting Club

White Land Company is pleased to announce the Wixson Green Timber Hunting Club is available for sale. Located approximately three miles east of Hickory Ridge, Arkansas, 30 miles south of Jonesboro, Arkansas and approximately 50 miles west of Memphis, Tennessee and containing 223 acres, this is one of the old, established, premier hunting clubs in Northeast Arkansas. Access from 49 Highway is an all weather gravel road, county road 100, and from Highway 193 via county road 201 then county road 100. The Wixson Club is one quarter mile south of county road 100 on an all weather gravel road. The property joins the Game and Fish Management area on the southwest side of the club and is between Bayou DeView and Brushy Lake. Of course the Cache river is only a few miles west thus making the Wixson club right in the middle of the flight route.

The Wixson Club joins the Nesler Club on its south boundary. Both The Nesler club and the Wixson club have been in operation for about 30 years. The Nesler club is all field hunting where as the Wixson club has timber and open water. The timber is great on clear, sunny days and the open water areas are good mostly on cloudy, foggy, or rainy days. On the west side of the property is an area of intense vegetation including smartweed, duck salad, and some cattails. The vegetation also holds small crustaceans that are an important to the diet of waterfowl. Rice and Soybeans are abundant in the area thus asssuring plenty of food for the migrating waterfowl. The Wixson club also has good fishing, small game, and a very good deer population, due to the adjoining Wildlife Management Area. The club is in deer zone four, which has the reputation for very large, quality bucks. I believe zone four has produced a number of deer that have been state records. For the early season hunter the Wixson club is known for early migrating Teal hunts because of the open water that Teal prefer.

The club has five blinds that accommodate four hunters each and there are many opening in the timber that are natural landing spots for the ducks.

Flooding the timber is done by a well on the neighbor’s field and is used only in years where small amounts of rainfall have occurred. Most years there is adequate water caught from rainfall for optimum hunting unless there was an extremely dry summer and fall. The former owner has stated that he has leased the property to ten hunters for many years at $3,000 per hunter per year net, less any pumping cost.

To sum up, the Wixon hunting property is ideally located, has a history of good hunting, and is only going to get better with someone who has a love of hunting and the great outdoors.

The club is priced at $588,000. Owner financing may be available for the qualified buyer.