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Praire County Arkansas



Barnes Wildlife Preserve

White Land Company is so very fortunate to be the listing firm for this beautiful property. Located on Highway 33 just 5 miles south of Des Arc, Arkansas and nestled against 3200 acres of timber on its north border, the Cache River WMA to the east, Wattensaw NWR to the south, and 800 acres of landlocked timber belonging to the White River NWR to the west. Also to the west is Lower Horse Shoe lake. This lake is accessible to only three land owners and has no public access. Talk about a great natural hunting and fishing spot and the Barnes Wildlife Preserve is sure to be mentioned. Two pound Crappie are taken annually from the lake, which also contains a healthy bream, catfish, and bass population due to the annual recharge from the White River. The Barnes family has dedicated this property to wildlife by putting all of the remaining property in the WRP program. NRCS will start their enhancement project after crops are harvested in the fall of 2004. While there are several acres of established pine on the property the project calls for planting of hardwoods, prairie grass for quail and turkey, and construction of several water control structures for duck hunting. The pine already on the property and the adjoining hard wood areas make this one of the most highly sought after Trophy Whitetail Deer spots in the Country. At one time Mr. Barnes put a 6 foot high fence around the property to keep the deer out but they would ram into the fence until they drooped it enough to jump over. This tells the hunter that there are heavily used travel trails in several places on the property. Unlike other highly populated deer areas in the state, the Barnes Preserve has the nutrients and the deer have the genetics to grow truly monstrous bucks. Duck hunting is great on the cypress sloughs and lowlands that are flooded each year by the river. Also enhancing the duck hunting will the splash board drains in the low areas to catch the rain water in the fall.

Small game, squirrels, rabbits, and quail are abundant in the adjoining woods and fields. One additional treasure on the property are the Turkeys. With the population growing statewide the Barnes property already has a good flock using the woods and fields.

An added bonus to the property is the beautiful home or lodge. Wrap around porches highlight this modern home. A two car garage and storage area along with the mud room makes keeping the home clean an easy task. This home is nine years old but looks new and has all the amenities, such as all electric kitchen, large windows in the dining room, two baths, and three bedrooms. The home has wooden floors throughout the downstairs area. The manager of the property says he has sat on the porch and watched hundreds of deer in the fields surroundings the home. Viewing the outdoors is as simple as walking to one of the numerous, large windows on both floors of the home. The yard is landscaped with priceless old trees.

The home is all electric heated and cooled. The utilities are inexpensive with the shade trees helping with cooling costs. The outside of the home is vinyl siding and the shutters are vinyl.

The driveway is crushed, all weather, white rock and the yard is about an acre in size. There is an underground sprinkler system to water the yard. As you can see the home is set back from the highway to take advantage of the beauty of the home. Located a short distance to the south is a tenant home. Next to the tenant home is a large shop and steel equipment shed for storing and working on your equipment.

There is Prairie county rural water for the home’s and shop area and the electricity is an electric cooperative supplied. The sewer system for both homes are septic tank with plenty of excess capacity. Another enhancement to the property is a landing strip for small aircraft and next to the strip is a space for a manufactured home if desired.

In summing up this narrative, this writer believes this property will be one of the most coveted properties in the state, in the future.

The Barnes Wildlife Preserve is nominally priced at $1,250,000.00.

Notice!!!! In the past few weeks there has been the finding of the Ivory Billed Woodpecker. This discovery was made in close proximity to the Barnes property. With the WRP Plan in motion the Barnes property will be prime habitat for the Ivory Bill.