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Grain Farm


Firth Farm Summary


Location: The John David Firth farm is located approximately 15 miles southeast of Lake Providence, Louisiana via state highway 881. The farm’s eastern boundary is the Tensas River and is bounded on the west by highway 134 and 881.

Description: The Firth Farm contains 1143 acres of cropland. The farm is 100 per cent precision leveled and has 10 irrigation wells. The bases are good and the counter cyclical yields are excellent. The farm is in a rice, cotton, and soybean rotation. Corn would be an excellent choice for another rotation crop as well.

Soils: The soils are Sharkey and Tensas Silty Clay. These are highly productive soils as you can tell by checking the FSA data.

Price: The price for the Firth Farm is $1,950 per acre or a total price of $2,228,850.00. Mr. Firth states he will pay a 6% per year of the selling price for annual rent. At $1,950 per acre the rent will be 117 dollars per acre or $133, 731 total rent.