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Woodstock Farm & Hunting 950 Acres +/-

 Woodstock Plantation
Cotton & Grain Farm
Satartia, Mississippi
Asking Price: $



Deeded Acres

950 +/-
Cropland Acres 874.2
Rental Income $115,000
Improvements 2 Valley Center Pivots
(445.1 acres watered)
21,000 bu grain storage
Pole Shed and small Shop
Crop Bases Cotton:  842.2
Beans:  32
Payment Yield Cotton:  868 lbs
Taxes $4,750
Price $2,100 per acre
Comments The farm is slightly rolling and made up of mixed soils with Forestdale being the predominant soil type.  We bought the farm in 2000 and immediately began a capital improvement program that included drainage improvements, irrigation and the restoration of highly productive fertility levels.  Prior to our purchase, the farm had been neglected and fertility levels, drainage and general maintenance had been allowed to deteriorate severely.  We have greatly enhanced external drainage by putting all the primary drains to grade and upgrading the perimeter and through the farm ditches.  All fertility levels have been brought up to acceptable levels.   Our 2003 and 2004 yields reflect the productive capacity of the farm in its present condition.