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Farm & Hunting Property



Location: The Sicily Island Property is in three parcels, the Fool’s Rover Tract, Bayou Louie North, and Bayou Louie South. The Fool’s River Tract is approximately eight miles northeast of Sicily Island, Louisiana, and Bayou Louie North and South is approximately 7 miles southwest of Sicily Island. Sicily Island is 30 miles northwest of Natchez, Mississippi.

Description: The Fool’s River Tract consists of 3,390 +/- farmland acres, Bayou Louie North contains7,152 +/- farmland acres, and Bayou Louie South contains 5,808 +/- farmland acres. The Fools River Tract has 6 irrigation wells and 400 + acres precision leveled. Bayou Louie North has 7 irrigation wells and over 1200 acres precision leveled. All three tracts are adjacent to hunting lands and recreational areas. The land lays mostly flat with some gentle undulation is a few spots. These areas are generally used for cotton and are conducive to pivot irrigation.

Soils: The soils are mainly Sharkey Clay, Alligator Clay, and Tensas Silty Clay. These are dark, highly productive soils, that with improvement, are some of the most productive soils in the Delta.

Other: The hunting potential on these tracts is unlimited. Historically this area is one of the prime areas of Louisiana for duck, deer, and other small game while the fishing in the many rivers and ox bows is some of the best in the country.

Notes: This farm can be developed into one of the finest large farms in the nation. The asking price is low enough that land forming and placing irrigation are easily within the buyer’s budget. Rents on similar farms in the area are close to $100.00 per acre and the Sicily Island Farm can achieve these rents with the right tenants and providing irrigation and a program of land leveling.

                                        Price: The asking price of the Sicily Island Farm is $1,150 per acre or $18,802,500.00