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Blackfork Farm

Location: The Blackfork Farm is located approximately seven miles Southeast of Hickory Ridge, Arkansas. It is one mile east of highway 193 via county road 216. It is 55 miles Northwest of Memphis, Tennessee and 100 miles Northeast of Little Rock, Arkansas.

Topography: The farm is basically flat with no slopes more than one per cent in grade.

Acreage: Farmland - 241.0 Cropland - 225.5

Bases: Acres Direct Yield CC Yield Payment

Rice 112.8 110.75 bpa 120.02 bpa $11,232.00

Beans 112.0 29.00 bpa 35.00 bpa $ 1,222.00

2005 Total Payment: $12,454.00

Soils: The primary soil (90%) is Henry with the balance being Calloway(10%)

These are very good rice and bean soils.

Improvements: One 14 inch two stage well. The static water level is 70 feet and the pump is set at 100 feet. There are gravel, all weather roads, on three sides of property. The water is good.

Hunting: There is one pit on the property but with the acres it could have two to three pits. The farm is in an outstanding area for waterfowl hunting.

Lease Info: The property is leased for the current year and possession will be at closing. With the proven yields and bases this farm should cash rent for $100 or more per acre.

Taxes: The taxes are $1,027.54 or $4.37 per acre for the 2004 tax year. 

 Price: The listing price is $2,300.00 per acre or $538,200.00 for the farm. The price for this farm is comparable to other farms sold in the area.