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Thompson Farm North Summary Sheet

Location: Thompson Farm North is located one mile north of Highway 64 on highway 75. The farm is one mile west of Parkin, Arkansas, 30 miles Northwest of Memphis Tennessee. Highway 75 transverses the farm from South to North.

Acres: 299 Farmland    260.1 Cropland

Bases: Rice 120.9  Wheat 22.3 Beans 139.2

Yields: Rice Direct Yield 110.1 bpa CC Yield 110.1 bpa

Wheat Direct Yield 43.0 bpa CC Yield 43.0 bpa

Beans Direct Yield 19.0 bpa CC Yield 19.0 bpa

Payments: 2004 Payments - $13,387.00

Improvements: All Cropland is precision leveled, 4 wells - 3 electric - 1 power unit, 40,000.00 bushels of grain storage, four bins.

Water: Water depth is approximately 45 feet. Quality is good

Soils: Alligator Clay 90% (estimated); Bowdre Silt Loam 7.5% (estimated); Earle Clay 2.5% ( estimated)

Other Factors: Riceland Foods is 3 miles to the east on highway 64. Ability to pump with electricity and save diesel. Close to River Ports, 25 miles, for grain delivery and optimum prices. Flexibility of soils to grow other crops i.e. cotton, corn. Less than one acre non irrigated.

Farm is leased through December 31, 2005

Price: $2,200.00 Per Acre - $572,220.00 Total Price