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Blue Lake Farm 2745 Acres +/-




Blue Lake Farm

Located 15 miles east of Cleveland Mississippi on Highway 8 this property is unique in many ways. Blue Lake offers outstanding production capabilities, hunting opportunities, and high return potential. Consisting of 2,742 total acres and 2570.3 cropland acres the farm has approximately 80% of the total farm precision leveled. Blue Lake is mostly flat and drains well. 

The bases are : Rice 1149.3 acres Cotton 604.1 acres Wheat 417.6 acres

The yields are : Rice 3640 pounds Cotton 696 pounds  Wheat 39 bushels

The direct government payment is approximately $121,000.00 and the farm is currently leased for $300,000.00 cash rent per year or $117.00 cash rent per acre. One half of the rent is paid on April 1st and the other one half is paid on December 1st . Land taxes are about $6.00 per acre.

For irrigation Blue Lake has 19 wells with turbine gear heads and one Valley center pivot that covers approximately 150 acres. Static water levels are about 45 feet and the water quality is good. The Natural Resources Conservation Service has allotted $13,000.00 to Blue Lake Farm for drainage improvement consisting of installation, enhancement, and maintenance of field drain pipes and drainage ditches. The general contour of the farm is basically flat and the owner has estimated that $50,000.00 more will precision level all the balance of the farm. Other improvements on Blue Lake farm are the 50 foot x 60 foot(3000 square feet) steel shop building with concrete floor and an attached 75 foot x 60 foot (4500 square feet) steel shed. As you can see in the photo there is easy access to the fuel tank and ample space for equipment parking. The property also has two brick tenant homes for farm labor or rental income. The shop area is accessed by an all weather road and is approximately ½ mile off highway 8. The farm is bounded on the south side by highway 8 and on the north by a paved county road. Minter City, Ms. is one mile east of the property and Ruleville, Ms. is about 5 miles to the west on highway 8.

Blue Lake also has six - twenty thousand bushel grain bins with fans and dryers. The bins are adjacent to the shop area and also have easy access on the all weather gravel road. Bounding the property on the west is Milburn Seed Company. Milburn Seed is known throughout the delta for the quality of their seed. This should be an added plus having a seed dealer so close at planting and harvest time.

Another great facet of Blue Lake is the hunting. Mississippi is fast becoming one of the dominant players in the duck hunting game. Due to the large increases in rice planting in Mississippi in the last few years, farm operators preparing flooded fields for the ducks, and the intense hunting pressure on ducks in Arkansas, Mississippi has begun to become a target for the ducks. Hunter pressure is low thus insuring large areas for ducks to rest and feed, the rice fields of Mississippi are getting more and more of the ducks that traditionally winter in Arkansas. With the 1100 + acres of rice on Blue Lake Farm leasing rice fields for duck hunting is an added income advantage. For example, in Arkansas a four man pit typically rents for $5000.00 to $10,000.00 per season so enhancing your annual income with hunting leases is an added bonus. The hunting in the area of Blue Lake Farm is excellent and by looking at the quads and topo maps you can see that Blue Lake Farm is a natural area for wildlife.

The farm is leased for $109.40 per acre for the total acres or $116.72 per acre for the cropland acres or $300,000.00 per year. At a six million dollar price the gross return to capital is 5% per year.

Blue Lake Farm is appropriately priced at Six Million Three Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars or $2316.00 Per Acre.