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Please note: this farm (330 Acres) was sold off of the Cartillar Inc. Farm containing 1404 acres. The bases will be prorated.


LOCATION: This property is located 4 miles north of McCrory, Arkansas adjacent to State Highway 37. McCrory, Arkansas is approximately 60 miles northeast of Little Rock, Arkansas and 70 miles west of Memphis, Tennessee. This is an area of intensive agricultural production with the primary crops being rice, cotton, wheat, corn, grain sorghum and soybeans. This area also boasts excellent duck hunting as the property is located between the Cache River National Wildlife Refuge and Bayou Deview. Cache River lies approximately 2 miles to the west and Bayou Deview lies approximately 1 mile to the east.

DESCRIPTION: The farm is identified as part of farm number 2324 by the Woodruff County FSA office and consists of a total of 1404 acres. FSA records indicate there are 1295.7 tillable acres with the balance being in roads, ditches and headquarters. The topography of the farm is basically flat with 0 - 1% slopes.

USDA-FSA INFORMATION: According to FSA records, the following Government crop bases are assigned to this farming unit. Bases and yields are subject to change with the passage of the new farm legislation. In most cases, the bases and yields will increase.


Rice   290.6 Ac. 4235 lbs.

Wheat 19.9 Ac. 32 bu.

Corn 44.8 Ac. 56 bu.

Grain Sorghum 8.2 Ac. 45 bu.

IRRIGATION & WATER RESOURCES: The Cartillar Inc. farm is 100% irrigated with a total of 12 irrigation wells. The irrigation of the farm is what is known as flood type irrigation whereby contour levees are constructed in order to hold a flood on the ground being irrigated. The underground water supply is plentiful in the area. The Owner states that the water depth, in the three new wells he added in 2005, was 29 feet.

SOILS: The east side of the farm is more suited for rice, soybeans, wheat and milo as the soils contain more of a clay base. These soils include Calloway silt loam (CIA), Calhoun silt loam (Ca), Grubbs Silt Loam (Gba) and Alligator silt loam (AaA). The west side of the farm is more suited to corn, cotton, wheat, milo and soybeans as the soils are lighter in character. These soils include Bosket fine sandy loam (BkU & BkC), Dubbs silt loam (DsA), Dundee fine sandy loam (DuA), Grubbs-Foley complex (Gf) and Amagon-Grubbs silt loam (Ar). A USDA soils map is included within this presentation for your convenience. All of the soils are Class I, II and III and are conducive to excellent yields.

HUNTING POTENTIAL:  The northwest corner of this property is within 1/2 mile of the Cache river, which is well known for extraordinary numbers of migrating waterfowl in the winter months. The southwest corner of the property is within 3/4 mile of Bayou DeView which is also one of the main line water streams of the Mississippi flyway. This area is best known for the concentration of rice production and has historically been known as one of the best areas of the Mississippi Flyway for waterfowl. The production of rice provides ample food for the winter waterfowl flights which make for the staying power for the wintering of ducks and geese. Bayou DeView and Cache River are historically known as two of the mainlines in the Mississippi flyway system. This assures the avid waterfowl hunter of one successful duck hunting season after another. Harvested rice field management is the centerpiece of waterfowl management in this area. Rice is the most common crop in the region used by ducks. Rice left after the harvest provides a source of food that does not rot on the wet flooded ground as quickly as other cultivated seeds.

IMPROVEMENTS: The farm has 180,000 bushels of grain storage only 4 years old and with natural gas heaters, a 50 x 75 metal shop and a 60x80 pole shed.

TENANT & LEASE CONTRACT: The Owner is currently farming the property. Full possession of the farm can be delivered on January 1, 2006. The Owner states he will lease the property back for one year at $150 per acre or three years for $125 per acre.

Minerals: One half of the mineral rights go to buyer and seller will keep one half of the mineral rights.

SALE: This property is being offered on the public market for a price of $3,800,000.00. Owner will finance and give one half of the mineral rights at the offering price.