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Farm & Hunting



JHS Farm & Hunting Property

Location: Approximately 10 miles Northeast of Walnut Ridge, Arkansas, and 30 miles Northwest of Jonesboro, Arkansas and 100 miles Northwest of Memphis, Tennessee. JHS farm has approximately one half mile of Cache River frontage.

Acreage: 205 acres deeded, 152 farmland, 140.6 cropland, and 44 acres of timber and river bottom land.

Bases: Rice D Yield CC Yield Payment

84.2 acres 96.2 bpa 96.2 bpa $6552

Milo D Yield CC Yield Payment

42.1 61.0 bpa 61.0 bpa $ 764

Beans D Yield CC Yield Payment

14.3 15 bpa 15 bpa $ 80

Total Payment $8124

Lease The property is leased for the 2005 crop year. Seller will prorate rent if purchased prior to September 1st, 2005.

Irrigation: Two 14 inch wells with a 10 inch discharge. These wells are gear driven with diesel power units. The power units do not go with sale but are the property of Renter.

Hunting: There are two pits on the property and other places to hunt in and around the timber along the Cache River. The Cache is well known for the quality of the duck hunting and there are deer and other small game on the property.

Timber: The timber on the property is typical river bottom timber. There is a combination of oaks, cypress, gum and other hardwoods on the property. Most of the timber is mature and a selective cut would most likely be in order in the near future. An opening of the timber canopy will only enhance the duck hunting in the future and provide some income for the buyer. A timber cruise has not been conducted to determine the value of the timber.

Price: The Property is listed at $2,500.00 per acre or $512,500.00 total price.