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Farm & Hunting




Location: The farm is located 25 miles west of Memphis, Tennessee via Interstate 40; 6 miles south of Parkin, Arkansas via highway 75, at the junction of highway 75 and 306.

Acreage: 3826 farmland acres - 3456.7 cropland acres - 90% ratio crop to farm

Improvements: 4 tenant homes of which one is brick; 75 thousand bushels of bin storage; 22 wells; 3 center pivots; metal shop and open metal storage shed.

Bases: Acres Yield Payments

Rice 1150 4548 #s $104,473

Wheat 325 45 bu $ 6,464

Soybeans 1982 24 bu $ 17,790

CRP 173 $72 per ac $ 12,456

Total $141,183

Soils: The predominant soils are Alligator Clay and Earle Clay. These soils are highly productive when there is good drainage and the ability to irrigate. The farm is approximately 90 percent Alligator and Earle with some mixing of other soils.

Topography: The farm is approximately 75% precision leveled, 20% pivot irrigated and there is approximately 159 acres non irrigated. Where the pivots and non irrigated land are, the land has a slight roll to it. There is 157.8 acres of CRP that pays about $74 per acre.

Hunting: The farm is in an area of great duck hunting as shown by having 14 pits on the farm that lease for $4,000 each, bringing an additional $56,000 of income to the owner.

Water: According to the NRCS the water is abundant and has not had a draw down because of the annual recharge from the Mississippi River. The water is sweet and the static water level averages around 20 to 40 feet. This is a plus because of the lower cost for pumping, on the farm.

Taxes: Taxes on the farm average about $4.00 to $6.00 per acre.

Other: The internal road system is good and access to the farm is by paved road. The 2005 rice yields are around 170 bushels per acre and the soybeans look very good and have not been harvested at this time. Farmers in the area are good and prospering. Tenants should not be a problem and the farm should command a high cash rent, if owner desires to lease. Farms in the area rented for as high as $140 per acre in 2005, however higher input costs could cause future rents to go lower.

Price: The offering price is $1,795.00 per deeded acre.