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The Cache River Farm


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The Cache River Farm

Location: The Cache River Farm is located on highway 91 just south of Egypt, Arkansas. The property has approximately one mile of highway frontage on the west side and is in Craighead County approximately 8 miles west of Jonesboro, Ar. There is a 66 acre tract north of the Egypt tract and it is located at the junction of 230 and 91.

Acres: The farm, known as FSA farm number 7271and has 380 acres of Farmland and 323.6 acres of Cropland. It also has 30 acres +/- of Timber that lays adjacent to the Cache River and has great wildlife potential. The north tract can be purchased separately if desired.

Improvements: The farm has 3 wells and 90% of the farm is precision leveled. There are 18,000 bushels of grain storage on the property. A tenant home is located on the property and could be used for farm labor or leased to duck hunters.

Bases: Egypt Tract Base Acres DPayment

                             Rice 128.8 $5,968

                         Soybeans 98.2 $ 669

                             Wheat 36.3 $ 563

Total Payment Egypt Tract $12,507

Bases: North Tract Rice 32.2 $ 2,733

                      Soybeans 32.2 $ 205

Total Payment North Tract $ 2,938

Total Payment $15,445

Topography: The farm area is flat with less than a one percent slope on the farm.

Taxes: Taxes are around $6.00 per acre depending on your improvements.

Soils: The soils on the North Tract are McCrory fine sandy loam, 50% and Foley- Calhoun series of silty clay, 50%. The Egypt Tract has Dubbs, Dundee, and Foley silt loam soils on about 90% of the tract with some Amagon silt loam on 10% of the tract.

Price: The farm is priced at $2600 per acre Farmland acre or $988,000.

Note: The payments are approximate. The potential buyer should request a 509 B for an accurate figure of payments. I used a .0235 multiplier for rice, a .52 figure for wheat and a .44 figure for beans.